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When discipline backfires

Have you ever said, “I just need to be more disciplined”? OR had someone else tell that to you? Especially in relation to food, working out, or career success?

Oy! My entire life I’ve never done well with discipline.

In fact, there are a couple words/phrases in my kdo dictionary that people closest to me know not to say, ever.
1) Ridiculous. 2) You shouldn’t feel that way. 3) I don’t think you can do that/pull that off. 4) Discipline.

Instantaneously, I spit fire (love fire, but still fire).

The word discipline feels like I’m grinding, forcing, striving, and working really really hard in an uphill battle.

For a while I thought it was just me having issues with the word… but then, I looked up the definition.

Definition of discipline: “the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”


Training people (like dogs?).
Code of behavior (set by who?).
Punishment (body retreating, hells no).
Disobedience (am I 4 years old again?).

Very little about the definition of discipline is FREEING.

Instead, let me introduce a new word that may change some things…

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Why I gave up on eating healthy

You know how there’s a lot of striving going on right now to eat healthy and clean, especially in the new year? Honestly, I used to strive for perfection in it, ugh. Now…not so much – and I feel and look better and happier, I might add. :)

Yesterday I was having tea with a girlfriend of mine who also happens to be a health coach. We were laughing as we both shared our journey of being “strict” in eating “healthy” and how over time its shifted quite dramatically. So much so that a follower berated her for posting a recipe with sugar in it (gasp!).

Food was necessary to heal our bodies (hormones, digestion, eating disorder, auto-immune disease, depression) but more importantly it was the conduit and tangible starting point to heal our hearts and allow us to come ALIVE again (and be totally awesomesauce).

Feeling happy, free, and alive was what I was searching for, not clean food.

Do you really want to eat “healthy” & follow rules or you want the feeling, freedom, & goodness it gives you?

Here are 5 thoughts on eating and living so you too can ease up and let food be a conduit for you – not the end-all-be-all.

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How to overcome the compare & compete rabbit hole

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 12.47.51 AMI’ve been wondering…at what age does it not become okay to say, “Hey guys, look at me!” {while grinning huge and being so proud of what you are wearing, doing, accomplished, being, etc.}

Over the holidays, I spent quite a bit of time with our godson and even got him this Iron Man Mask {insert him saying “I am Iron Man” nonstop} for Christmas.

Just like most little kids, he would proudly march/run into a room and say “Hey guys, look at me!” or say, “watch me” and everyone would clap, say “that’s so cool,” or give him a huge smile.

I freaking loved watching him do this. So much joy and lack of worry over what other people would think. Owning his awesomeness.

I’m curious…

  • How many ladies in your circle celebrate YOU right now?
  • What keeps you from sharing all your successes face-t0-face?
  • How many women can you approach and totally brag about your day, triumphs, or simply how awesome you are at your core?
  • How often do you compare and compete? Why?

We downplay our accomplishments, financial success, travels, even how great our sex life is – because we don’t want to shine too bright and make other people feel bad.

Then, conversely, when we are having low moments, we compare ourselves to other people – and their best pieces of their life instead of the whole picture {cough, facebook}…leaving us with no one to reach out to to dispel and squash this comparing and competing rabbit hole because we didn’t have honest conversations to start with.

Instead of telling ourselves to stop comparing, try a different approach and simply let yourself shine like a 4 year old. OWN IT.  That light doesn’t overshadow others, it simply lets them shine theirs a little brighter too.

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Fav free tools to dominate New Year’s resolutions (even if you didn’t make any)

Resolutions. I have a love-hate relationship with them.

Hate resolutions that are painful and come down on areas I’m struggling at in life. LOVE resolutions that make me feel more of how I want to feel, accomplished, and ALIVE.

The only resolution I made this year was to make 2014 the year of being brave. Brave in my voice. My purpose & mission. My relationships. My truth. My food choices. My strength. My desires. My adventures & fun. Brave in saying no to others so I can say yes to myself. Brave.

That’s it. And I feel pretty darn good about it.

I’m not here to judge your resolutions, but I do know research shows that making some kind of commitment to self-growth makes people happier.

I also know that research shows most people quit their New Year’s resolutions just 10 days after starting them.

Below are a plethora of ideas to create a resolution if you haven’t and my fav tools/resources to support the ones you have already made – leave me a note in the comments below about your resolution(s) and what tips/tools you need and will use to make it happen.


Tools & Resources

Health & Wellness

In Denver area and ready to eat healthy, think happiness, and live the beautiful life?
Check out the incredible lineup of classes, experiences, and guest experts we’ve compiled for you: kdo STUDIO Live Classes & Workshops.

Want to eat healthier, lose weight, have delicious easy recipes at your fingers tips, and feel freaking amazing? Join us for my 21-day reset cleanse. Only 15 women. 21-days. Whole foods. Straight up glowing results. Today is last day to sign up – only 2 spots left.

Ready to start juicing and smoothies? Sign up for this saweet class I’m teaching with Vibrant Earth Juice founder and juice expert Jill Latham. 95% of people do juicing and smoothies wrong and do more harm than good. We provide the blueprint you need to do it right and get amazing results.

Resolved to get clear skin? Me too. That’s why I’ve brought in THE skin expert Tamara Hutchins for this killer 3-part series on the Radiant Complexion Formula. Seriously this women has the best skin I’ve ever seen in my life.

Desires, Adventure, & LIVING

Want to uncover more of the true you? Tap into your Desires? Set goals in alignment with those desires? Get Danielle Laporte’s The Desire Map. Or get on the list to join our next Desire Map book club in Denver (current series is FULL).

Want to go on an adventure or have more romance?

LIVE more fully? Join the Skinny Dip Society update list. Incredible free program coming February 1st. Time to Feed Your Soul, Free Your Body. Love Your Life. It’s all about uncovering who you are, unleashing your desires, owning your worth and beauty, and treating your body fabulously…. ultimately shedding excess weight (body and soul) that’s holding you back in life, releasing comfortableness and confidence in your body, and being well-fed, free, and ALIVE – all in a sisterhood of women journeying together and fully supporting each other (not comparing and competing). Promise you won’t be sorry.


Want to save more money and be better with your finances?

  • Get free weekly financial advice for women…that works. – Daily Worth
  • Need to track your business expenses at the touch of a button on-the-go? Expensify.com
  • Make budgets, set savings goals, get advice on 401ks and paying student debt off? www.mint.com
  • Hire a financial coach. My personal recommendations: Bari Tessler – financial therapist/coach. OR Karie Hill.


Simplify your inbox?

  • Unroll.me – combine your email subscriptions/notifications into one email sent once a day
  • Inbox Pause – stop the flow of constant incoming emails by hitting the pause button and allowing you to get caught up.
  • Boomerang – Know you need to respond to an email but it can wait a couple of days and you’ll go crazy seeing it in your inbox? Boomerang it. Send it to cyber space and then choose the date you want it to reappear.

Simplify social media?

  • Hootsuite – schedule and manage social media posts, replies, likes, etc. all form one central hub.

Stop social media & web-surfing distractions?

  • StayFocusd –  increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites (time-wasting websites you select!). Stop distracting yourself and get things DONE.

Want to spend a little more time on reflection, resolutions, & commitment? Check out how I reflect on the past year and how I plan for the year ahead and make goals with soul stick.

“Gratitude” your intention for 2014?

Send a thank you card

  • Paperlesspost.com – customizable card designs (free and paid)
  • Redstamp.com – customizable card designs (free and paid)
  • Postagramapp.com – Take a photo on your phone. Click a button. Turn it into a postcard. Click a button. Send via snail mail. Who doesn’t love getting real mail? (paid)

Read this book – The Gifts of Imperfection. 

Don’t give up on resolutions, just learn to set them right for YOU – with a plan to actually succeed!


Post-holiday Recoup & Reboot BluePrint

Hope you had a fabulous Merry Christmas and are enjoying the holiday season! The kdo team is just getting back to the “office” after a super relaxing (sleeping til 10am anyone?), family filled (4 Christmases, boom!), and laughter flowing (so hard that my face hurt) week.

Did you happen to indulge and feast these last couple of weeks like me? Eeeee, I loved it. I love this time of year.

I indulged a little more than normal (port wine, brie cheese, coconut cookies….) annnnd by the 26th, my fingers and face were a little swollen, my mood a little down, digestion a little off, and my energy low.

I used to beat myself up about this, saying, “Why couldn’t I just eat healthy all week? It’s about the festivities, family, and experience, Katie.” It is AND what I’ve further uncovered is that part of my experience and joy in life IS the food. Savoring the flavors, textures, richness, colors, nostalgia, and the conversations over it.

For me, it’s no longer about being perfect about what I eat, but rather choosing quality foods and being present. It helps that I know exactly how to bring my body back in balance, too.

Sometimes self-care is just as important in the aftermath of something, as it is in the prevention.

Here’s my blueprint for recouping + rebooting after the holiday food storm:

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5 ways to stop being over-committed & overwhelmed

Do you ever catch yourself saying something along these lines?

I’m so tired.
I’m so behind.
(Friend: How are things going?) Busy.
There are just not enough hours in the day.
I can’t wait until this week is over.
I just need to catch up.
Once _______ gets done, then I will ________.
I can’t wait until the holidays are over. Then I’ll start doing ______.
Yes, I will be there! (10 minutes later: Oh my goodness, why did I say I would do that?!?).


Over committed.
Fear of missing out (FOMO).

I used to say all of those lines. Every.single.one.

I’ve worked on becoming very aware of how/why/when I say “I’m busy” or “I’m overwhelmed” during the last 2 years because before that I took on anything and everything (hello overachiever, perfectionist, go-getter?)…which led to adrenal fatigue and a big hard crash.

And yet…I did it again these last couple of weeks. I crashed – majorly. It took 4 days of “me” time to re-find my motivation/inspiration to want to do anything – support, be a friend, be a wife, wash my hair, answer my phone, clean the house, write an email, not wear yoga clothes… or just move.

Over the past several years, I’ve drastically reduced the amount of commitments I make. It’s made me happier. More purposeful with my time. Develop stronger relationships. More present with the people I am with. AND a whole heck of a lot less resentful.

But, why do I still have this urge to say yes? Over-prove? Over-achieve? I’ve had enough conversations with women to know I’m definitely not alone.

Why do we feel the NEED to over-commit and be superwomen?

Our worth is not dependent on how much we take on, accomplish, or say yes to.

How we feel at any point in our lives creates our experience of that instance. If we are too busy, too committed, too distracted, and plain overwhelmed, we will never feel the way we desire to feel (or we may just stop feeling).

We will always feel like we are missing out on something in life and “off” and end up reaching for anything to stuff in to fill that void – shopping, food, romantic relationship, tv, career “success,” social media, etc.

Going against this status quo of over-committing, over-proving, and under-joyfulness takes courage, bravery, and commitment. Commitment to yourself.


1. Choose discomfort over resentment. You know that moment when someone asks you to do something or attend something and you don’t want to feel bad (i.e. discomfort) by saying no? So you say “yes,” and then you resent that event, task, or person for the next 1, 6, 15+ days? Brene Brown, author of The Gifts of Imperfection and researcher on vulnerability and shame, introduced me to this mantra…choose discomfort over resentment. Choose those 15 seconds of discomfort by saying no to others so you can say yes to yourself and banish the resentment. Repeat this mantra to yourself before any commitment you make.

2. Straight up cancel. I am all about honoring our commitments and word. But if there is something that you keep putting off that you can straight up cancel – then straight up cancel it. Write the email to let a friend know you can’t make it to her event because of your needs, make the phone call that says you can’t bring 6 dozen cookies to the bake sale (or make the call to order the cookies from somewhere), look at your calendar and see what you can cancel and make “you” time. There will always be something to do or an excuse – so it’s up to you to identify what you can straight up cancel. Most things are only as important and dire as we make them.

3. If it’s not a “hell yes,” it’s a “hell no.” One of my business mentors, Marie Forleo, says that when an opportunity presents itself, if you don’t feel that gut urge to say yes (“hell yes”), then it’s a no.

4. Choose things that make you feel the way you want to feel and do them fabulously. Return to your core desired feelings – if an opportunity arises that supports those feelings and self-care tasks, then enjoy, if not, say no – with gumption and grace.

5. 2-commitment weekend. We often jam pack our weekends with events and to-dos, leaving no time to actually rest. Nip that habit in the bud – only say yes to 2 commitments on the weekend and then let the rest of the time be free-flow. Many religions offer a Sabbath for this type of free-flow, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Choose one day to be free-flow or set a boundary on the number of commitments. This allows you to choose your life and run your life, not your life and commitments running you.


Keep it simple. Keep it honest: “Thank you so much for thinking of me. Right now, I won’t be able to attend ______/do ______ but I (wish you all the best/would love to be notified when another opportunity arises/am so excited for you!/etc.).”

kdo STUDIO Grand Opening – Open House Recap

Welcome to a space for women to study the art of living, loving & celebrating life: kdo STUDIO.


Picture this: dinner parties (with a purpose), soulshops and playshops (instead of just workshops), cooking classes (i.e. taste bud tantalizing and waistline merrymaking), and a sisterhood of women journeying to and immersing in the good life (deep and real conversation a given).

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The art of holiday self-care. (i.e. Grinch prevention plan)

I’m writing this as a snow storm is loving on Denver and I am SO freaking excited. I love snuggling up on the couch, watching Hallmark Christmas movies, sipping hot holiday chai tea, and feeling like I’m in a snow globe. Add-in some time to bust out my wanna-be Martha Stewart DIY gift skills and girrrl, I am one happy camper.

Last year I took off almost the entire month of December (incredible, right?) and totally indulged those desires of mine. But this year… well, the grand opening of KDO Studio is next week (eeeeek!) + prepping for a whole lineup of LIVE class awesomeness AND online program awesomeness for 2014 (calendar coming soon!) + holiday travel to see and celebrate with the people I love.

I truly get really excited about all of this and still feel like I have to pinch myself at this beautiful life we get to create (mega dose of gratitude).

Buuuut if I’m being honest…there was also a little bit of nervousness creeping in the week before Thanksgiving.

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Sweet Potato Casserole Revamped!

I talk a lot about passions, relationships, mindset, inspiration, living full out, etc., but sometimes it’s just about good food…good food that tastes good and makes you feel good, too.

This past weekend, we had a FriendsGiving dinner with our good friends in Denver. Each of us brought our favorite dish.

Mine? Hands down Sweet Potato casserole. I could eat it for dayssss.


But the traditional dish calls for all the sugar, candied yams, marshmallows, and some ingredients that are common food sensitivities (milk, eggs, flour).

I want to eat good food, not be in a sugar coma or have an upset stomach. So, I revamped it into something that tastes just as good (if not better) and makes me feel awesome…and it’s time you feel uber awesome too.

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