I rarely eat breakfast, should you?

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Oh man, do you ever get fed up (or confused?) with hearing the latest nutrition information on the Today show or reading the newest top 10 superfoods to give you a 6-pack AND firm your tush?

I was laughing as I was at the grocery store the other day and it was headline after headline about this stuff.

When I was studying integrative nutrition, we covered over a 100 different dietary theories. Each way of eating was presented with valid research, case studies, and a hell of a sales pitch.

And, each time I felt sucked in to trying the latest approach.

>>> Eat meat, don’t eat meat.
>>> Eat breakfast within 30 minutes, sip on green juice until 2pm.
>>> Drink water with your meal. Absolutely do not drink any liquids with your meal.

What is boils down to…we’re missing the point. No one way of eating works for everyone AND no one way of eating works for all stages of your life (teenager, pregnancy, post-menopause, ovulation vs. menstruation, etc.)


NOT to follow a strict set of rules or the latest research (although research can be helpful).

IS that we need to re-learn how to listen to our bodies, identify if something makes us feel great/lousy, eat when we’re hungry/stop when we’re full, and intuitively start to eat when/what makes us feel energized, healthy, and joyful.

{insert the “but, but… shouldn’t I eat breakfast/6 small meals/no-fat?”}


When we simply listen to what our bodies need…we gain insight, clarity, and freedom.

Food Truth FOR ME: My body thrives on a high fat diet (500+ calories/day of straight up fat), rarely eating breakfast, grass-fed animal protein, and lots of veggies, some fruit, with a side cookie, chocolate, or sweet treat. :)

It makes me feel happy, grounded, energized, and honestly amazingly productive.

Don’t try to copy mine – start paying attention to what yours is telling you. It’s a dialogue not a monologue.

Don’t default to confusion. Design exploration & revive intuition.

4 questions to ask to start a dialogue (not a monologue) with your body:

  1. How do I want to feel 1 to 4 hours from now? Make choices based on that.
  2. How do I feel (during, directly after, 3-4 hours after) when I eat certain foods? Listen to these answers your body is telling you.
  3. Why am I eating 6 meals a day? Am I truly hungry or following a “should”?
  4. (when you’re about to eat something) Do I actually have physical hunger sensations?

Keep it simple. Listen. Dialogue.



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4 thoughts on “I rarely eat breakfast, should you?

  1. Love this post! I really believe that a good nutritionist can help people determine their own personal best diet plan (which can even change over time). Other than a few “rules” that apply to just about everyone (less processed foods, hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, etc.; and more veggies, water, & unprocessed natural foods), I totally agree with what you’re saying. Thanks!

    • Yes! Right with you Leesa!!! What I’ve found is that when we actually listen to our bodies, we usually don’t want that “less” category because we start to realize it makes us feel like crap. :)

  2. Somehow I missed this one last spring but glad I caught it now! I often don’t feel like eating breakfast but that nagging voice of a million sales pitches tells me I should. I feel more energized when I don’t and eat less all day when I don’t. The exception being when I know I’ll be traveling and a big protein breakfast will prevent a stop for fast food.

    So tomorrow I’ll shut the sales pitches up with your voice.

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