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Food Freedom

How + why to stop obsessing over food

Something I’ve been experiencing lately is the power of story. Sometimes hearing another woman’s journey, stumbles, lessons, and thus wisdom gained is the exact missing puzzle piece to our own journey towards truly living and loving our lives.

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been interviewing some of my favorite soul sisters and guest experts for my Skinny Dip Society Immersion online program. We’ve been jamming on period fixing, Divine feminine, inflammation, romance & adventure, re-wilding, and more.

Each time I finished these interviews, regardless of how tired, busy, or happy I was entering them… I left with a new level of joy, perspective, and a feeling of solidarity. A sisterhood.

For myself and most ladies I know, we are in information and “how-to” overload constantly and we miss the connection, the beauty, the journey…even the simplicity.

We want and need a story, journey, and real person to relate to. To connect the dots and our hearts.

A few weeks back, as I was chatting one of my own sisterhood ladies – Sarah Adler of Simply Real Health – I knew her story needed to be shared and experienced by you.

From a space of restriction and confusion, to traveling through Italy and experiencing celebration, vino, and truly LIVING, to a newly published cookbook…

Sarah’s story and journey of how + why to stop obsessing over food is refreshing, real, and mega freedom + joy inducing.

Today, I’m bringing her to you in a fabulous and juicy video interview PLUS a delicious and generous giveaway from Sarah (see below the video).

In celebration of Sarah’s story + newly released cookbook, she’s giving away 3 Simply Real Health cookbooks to the KDO tribe!

I’ve got my hard copy of this cookbook and the recipes are flat out delicious, not depriving, and EASY! Sarah has won not only my sisterhood heart but my food and taste bud heart, too. From brunch, to cocktails, to snacks, Sarah has created a cookbook that I will actually use, daily. Plus…a picture for every.single.recipe? Yes, please!

Official Bio: Sarah Adler is a nutrition coach, healthy lifestyle expert, food blogger, real food lover and owner of Simply Real Health—a company with a mission to share a more real-world, hip and simplified approach to a healthy lifestyle. With chocolate. And happy hour. And all the fun parts of life included and celebrated, instead of ignored. Sign up for her weekly email of awesome healthy recipes + inspiration or find out more about her here. Her first hardcover cookbook, The Simply Real Health Cookbook: Easy Recipes for A Healthy Life Made Simple was just released and is available NOW.

to your freedom + joy,

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