Tummy Pinch Confidence Killer

I hear and see it all the time. A woman will grab that extra layer of chunk around the middle and say, “If I could just get rid of this belly fat THEN I would feel so much better!” or “I hate wearing a swimsuit, tight pants, a belt, spandex, etc. because of this muffin top! It always shows!”

Whether you are currently experiencing this problem, you have in the past, or you fear that someday in the future it might hit you – then you owe it to yourself to see if you are sabotaging yourself and don’t even realize it. Why? Well…

It’s one problem area that creates SUCH a difference in how confident, slim, and SEXY you feel… which impacts your relationships, your confidence in your job, and even your spontaneity and go-for-it attitude.

In the last week alone, I have had 4 women + 1 man tell me these exact phrases (or something similar) and ask me how to get rid of it. Of course I start with uncovering why they really want to lose the weight and what the underlying reason is – as it is never about the actual weight, but what it can do for them – and then we dive into what’s sabotaging them.

There are many reasons you could be keeping your belly like a bowl full of jelly even though you are doing “everything right”, but over time I have seen certain habits (not FOODS) trump the list.

In fact, I was doing one of these for the past couple of weeks and it was KILLING me…I’ve remedied it and already notice a difference.

No woman (or man) wants it. Research has reported it’s the most dangerous area to gain fat. It’s the hardest to get rid of… Belly Fat. It might be a little pooch and it might be a big pouch, but you don’t want it.

Here is the basic equation you need to know before we dive into the 3 habits:

Increase stress = increase cortisol (the stress hormone) = increase in belly fat

So with this equation in mind, 3 habits that keep your belly flabby and how to change ’em:

  1. Not keeping a consistent (and good) sleep schedule. I know, I know, I know. You’ve heard it before – get 8 hours. But you may not know how and when that make this importante. I must admit, I myself have been guilty of this one, but every time I get it back on-track and consistent I end up slimming down. Every.single.time. Our bodies respond to light/dark (releasing the right kind of hormones at the right time – i.e. melatonin when it is time to sleep). When we sleep in a dark area without noise and fall asleep easily, the body naturally dives into REM and allows for the correct hormones and rest to take place. Additionally, your body actually does its natural deep cleansing between the hours of 10pm-1am. When we don’t get the zzz’s during that time, we don’t allow our bodies to get rid of the toxins (which hold onto fat in certain areas, hello belly, to protect valuable hormones).
    • Action Step: Start setting a consistent bedtime and pre-bed ritual so that your body automatically knows it’s time to wind-down and hit the hay.
  2. Checking your email and phone – all day. Always being “on” makes our bodies feel like we are stressed and always in the “fight or flight” mode because we are always waiting to respond to something – always urgent, of course. It increases that nasty stress hormone cortisol again and honestly decreases your level of happiness and productivity.
    • Action Step: Choose 1 day this week to only check your email 2-3 times/day. See what opens up for you, what your stress levels are like, and ask yourself 1 good thing that came from it.
  3. Not breathing. I’m not talking about holding ALL breath all day. I’m talking about the short shallow breaths that most of us take when we are busy, stressed, distracted or overwhelmed. When we don’t allow for even 4-5 of those deep breaths every hour, our body doesn’t get the oxygen it needs and our stress levels increase. can eat the healthiest diet possible and if you don’t bring your stress hormone levels down – your weight will not budge. Nadda, zilch, nothing.
    • Action Step: Set your phone alarm for 3 times during the day where you slow down, take 5-10 deep breaths. It’s not about leaping into things but making small changes in easy ways.

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