This cleanse has been amaz-ing! I loved how I was encouraged to cook healthier meals for myself – and my kids. I absolutely LOVED Katie’s recipes and am going to keep using them. My favourite was a soup – perfect for the Fall. I loved how the cleanse made me stop and think before putting something in my mouth – too often I grab the boys leftover muffins/granola bars etc and shovel them quickly in my mouth but this week I had to consider a) can i eat this and b) should i eat this?

To sum up, five reasons why I loved this cleanse:

1. I was introduced to new methods of eating and looking after myself inside and out
2. I learnt about new ingredients and the benefits of certain foods
3. My body feels cleaner and healthier than it has in a long time
4. I enjoyed Katie’s recipes and making delicious meals for my boys and I
5. I loved the challenge of doing something I thought I couldn’t do – and succeeding!

I highly recommend doing this for yourself.