Coleen Walsh

WalshfinalcircleNutrition Therapy Practitioner, Denver, CO
I cannot recommend Katie’s cooking classes enough. She is a shining star with such a wonderful attitude that even her smile will brighten your day. Her energizing classes are full of great health information, tips and enthusiasm to start or continue your healthy journey – then you taste her food! WOWZA – watch out, the lines for seconds get pretty crazy (I suggest you bring a helmet and some football pads). I admit to licking the plate once – I don’t think anyone noticed… but I didn’t care if they did – it was that good!

This last year I have been fortunate enough to attend several of Katie’s classes and she has been a big support and reason why I have decided to change careers to holistic nutrition! Her yummy raw food recipes helped me with the transition to a no processed diet and her amazing raw desserts have wiped away all sugar cravings. I usually make a batch of one of her desserts each week for treats…. Ok, yes maybe 2 sometimes… don’t judge (you will be addicted to – but in a good healthy way)! With her gracious permission – I even won a baking contest with her raw cookie dough recipe!

Her bright personality is infectious and you need to sign up for her classes way in advance just to get a seat… people literally line up out the door! Most likely, you will see me in next class – just promise to look away if I am licking the plate.