Connie Derby Dicks

connie_circlefinalRegional Administrative Coordinator for Ministries, Grundy Center, IA
“It’s hard to articulate all of the changes that have come about in the first 2 months of working with Katie; my mind is clearer, my attitude is jubilant, and my clothes are loose! My swollen hands, tight chest, and fungus ridden toe nails are all gone! My auto-immune disease symptoms are decreasing at a rate that makes me think it’s miraculous what a healthy lifestyle can do for the body and soul!!

Katie never made any foods off-limits, she eased me into changing my lifestyle – it is painless and delicious! After one week I noticed that I was looking forward to my green smoothie instead of coffee when I woke up. After two weeks I was becoming engrossed in shopping in new health food stores, once I even sent her a text message picture of all the “green” things in my shopping cart! Katie’s guidance has also led me into letting go of guilt over ‘taking care of myself’ – Her gentle prodding is making me look and feel younger, act wiser, and look forward to turning 60 this year with new hope for the future!”