Dana Gibson

GibsonDanafinalcircleLawyer, Kuwait
“I have always been really bad at following things through for myself, I start them, get lazy or move onto something else. But I am happy that I made it through Skinny Dip Society and came out the other side more aware of some of my bad habits and being more in tune when it comes to my body and food. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone that is an emotional/stress eater, was raised to always finish their plate and to people who want to start eating better. I think that it is an AMAZING journey that everyone should take.

Everything about it is well done. From how it is structured, to the support that you get from the other amazing ladies in the group, seeing everyone elses success, be doubtful, lapse etc.. is really helpful to push you along. It really helped me get back to me, stop thinking about how I looked to other people, or even to me for that matter, but how I felt, what food makes me feel good, what doesn’t. I wish that I could have done this program about 8 years ago cause it would have really helped me as I would have realized things about myself that I needed to know back then and it would have helped me through some really bad times.

The biggest change and benefit has been how my relationship to food has changed. I literally used to not even remember eating the entire packet of crisps after something stressful or bad happened, but now I try to figure out what primary food I require instead and I’m ok with leaving the last couple of bites on the plate, which is something that has plagued me for many years and pounds.”