Medical Sales, Denver, CO
New job, new apartment, got out of a wrong relationship, new hair-do, sold my car, bought a scooter, moderate weight loss, reduced cravings, mood improvement, huge decrease in anxiety and depression, and more confidence! Whew did I get it all in there?  I feel like I am on the road to becoming the woman I want to be.  And it feels SO good.

I came to Katie looking for a guide to turn my low self-esteem around, reduce depression and anxiety, boost my motivation, and have a nice side of weight loss as a bonus. What I got out was so much more. I finally feel like I’ve returned to my true self and I am making choices that honor that.

My only concern starting was the cost, but what I have gotten out of this program is worth every single penny. I recommend this program to so many people and will absolutely keep spreading the word.