Jeremy Davis

Registered Nurse, Philadelphia, PA

Katie, I am so happy and grateful I did this! I needed this. I feel so much lighter and clean, especially after discovering how terrible dairy made me feel. Working long shift in the hospital, eating foods that filled me up just made me feel so much better and awake. Also, my skin used to be a little oily and within just 7 days I noticed a huge improvement.

Not only did physical changes happen, but my perspective of “healthy eating” has totally changed for the better. Now, if I want to eat, I just eat. It truly was so easy! As a bonus, I discovered that cooking is a stress reliever for me.

Your recipe book was amazing and so helpful! I’d even bring samples into work and have people try things – they’d always respond with “wow”. Now, I’m just ready for your next cookbook to come out. I’m so buying it!

On top of all of this, I ran a half marathon this past Sunday and I felt amazing! Thank you thank you!