Jill A.

missingheadshotDenver, CO
Pre-Katie coaching, I was in a rut – culminating over the years. I was living for my to-do list, not taking care of myself, accumulating extra weight that just wasn’t me, and feeling like I was under nagging stress of what I needed to be eating and who I needed to be listening to. I was treading water. But since I started working with Katie, I feel like a different person and I am seriously loving my life.

Where to start? I look at things differently. I understand that I can control my life again. Now, I still get everything done and more. I’ve got much more confidence and am much more social – setting up dinner dates, fun things to do, and activities out of my comfort zone (golf lessons, anyone?!). I’m repairing relationships, losing pounds, waking up refreshed, and living in the moment. I am taking action to fulfill my innate need to be spontaneous – taking a month off to spend part of the summer in Laguna with my family! The work I have done with Katie has even affected my work life. I am having more fun at the office and considering new ventures I would never have previously.

In essence, I’m owning myself, my happiness, my worth.