Karri Tait

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I completed the REset Cleanse a couple years ago and never felt better (and lost 13 lbs!) so I was so ready and excited to do it again with my husband on board this time. So far, he has been blown away by how good he feels. More energy (no desire to nap on the weekend!), more alert, and never felt the need to grab a soda or a snack at 3pm.He feels like his bread/carb belly is starting to dissipate, too, and that he’s on the path to making healthier choices! But he’s still angry about not getting coffee and having to finish out the 7 days.

This was his first time, and this is my second time. We felt great. Amazing. Seriously. Sure – it’s more work not to eat pre-packaged, processed foods. But you feel so amazingly better when your food is real and fresh and whole. It’s satisfying. You feel clear. You know what? I probably ate MORE this week than I normally do, but I still lost 3lbs. because I wasn’t stuffing all those sugary carbs like crackers and whatnot into my mouth whenever I was hungry. I just generally feel so much better and I finally uncovered what was making my stomach feel terrible. I am excited to keep going on a modified version of the cleanse, as I did last time… it has reminded me just how important it is to eat my greens every day! (I make sure my kids get them, so why was I slacking?)