LesleyfinalcircleDenver, CO
Dig in to Katie’s Whole Foods cooking classes! Katie is a great host and instructor. She explains each step of a recipe by telling you what cookware and ingredients you may need and if you don’t have it, where you can get it and how much it could cost you (i.e. a dehydrator) and easy substitutions you don’t have some of the ingredients. All these are important tips for busy cooks who want to eat healthy on a budget. Many of her classes have themes-raw Mexican night, desserts–so you learn a variety of foods to prepare that are so delicious you don’t realize how healthy they are! While these classes are typically free, I have paid for some of Katie’s other classes she provides outside of the grocer. So far, I think my favorite recipe is the Nacho Cheeze Kale Chips-so easy, nutritious and your taste buds think you’re eating Doritos!