Nicola Grun

Denver, CO
After previously following specific diets and only succeeding unless I deprived myself, I have made a huge leap about my emotional connection with food and I have learnt to accept myself for who I am. I thought that I already knew a lot about nutrition and didn’t know how this program would help me and I thought, “What if it doesn’t work” and “What if I can’t do it right?” But it did and I not only know how to eat for my body but I’m glad to be recognizing cravings from true hunger. I’ve let go of striving for perfection with eating and learned how to be in tune with my emotions.

I’ve determined my food saboteurs which is huge. While at a Rockies game with a friend I told her that I no longer feel stressed about having gained weight since I can slowly get on track to permanent change because of Skinny Dip Society. Instead of putting pressure on myself to “lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks” I am learning to trust myself and follow the steps. The rest will take care of itself.

The group discussions and support made me realize that many others struggle with emotional eating. And through this journey, I now know why I’ve been stuck in my current body – I have been scared of feeling vulnerable. I caught myself creating a safety net this past weekend when I was out with friends. While flirting with some nice guys at the bar I thought, “I can’t try to date, I’m too round!” A few seconds later I realized that I was only creating my own bad self-image. People don’t see you this way. It was liberating to realize this!

I have made huge progress with this program and would recommend it to women who are struggling with their own self-identity as well as anybody who isn’t feeling good about themselves. I entered SDS after an unsettling period in my life and am grateful to learn about self-care and re-discover myself.