Nicole Boss

Wichita, KS
The REset Cleanse was JUST what my body needed.  I thought that I had pretty decent eating habits and knew enough to fuel my body with the right foods, but through the cleanse I learned so much more of what my body needs and how to treat it right!  I had some great results with the cleanse, lost 14 lbs, my skin became clearer, and gained confidence in how I had control over my body. However, the greatest reward I took from the cleanse was being at a point where I could feel my body talking to me. 

By introducing better eating habits (mindful eating, watiting 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, waiting til hungry to eat, limiting snacking, etc.) I could tell when my body was full or didn’t like something I ate.  This was a completely new feeling and it was awesome! Because I was able to rid my body of the junk it had accumulated, I was able to have a fresh start and pay attention to what I needed vs. what I wanted.  And on top of all that, I followed the meal plan exactly and found some REALLY tasty recipes that my husband and I continue to make!  I have continued having smoothies for breakfast, no caffeine, mega hydration, and trying to limit the amount of gluten and refined sugar my body consumes.  The 4 week cleanse was definitely worth the commitment and investment, I would do it again in a second!