20 women. 20 days. 20 ways to Feed Your Soul. Free Your Body. Love Your Life.

W H A T   I S   T H I S   S K I N N Y   D I P   S O C I E T Y   H O O P L A   A B O U T?

Think back to a time (or now) where you felt fully in the moment, giddy with excitement and adventure, not a care in the world about your body or food, but rather killer confidence and contagious joy. Connected. You weren’t held back. You weren’t stuck. You weren’t confused. You weren’t weighed down. You were happy. wild. brave. free. ALIVE.

Got that moment? Now surround yourself in that moment with hundreds of other women cheering you on (go ahead, picture it), seeking together the  great life, and celebrating your awesomeness (no comparison, no competing). Feels pretty amazing, right?

A lot of women (and men) try treadmills, cleansing and discipline to get to this feeling and “place”… and feel something is wrong with themselves when they can’t stick to it or frustrated when they do get “there” and still aren’t happy and free.

I found for myself that when I started to uncover who I really am, unleashed my desires, owned my worth and beauty, treated my body fabulously, and lived the way I thought I would live when I got “there” (instead of waiting on the weight)…THEN I started shedding excess weight (body + soul), being well-fed (food + soul), and feeling free and ALIVE.

W A N T   T O   F E E L   W I L D,   F R E E,   A N D   A L I V E   W I T H   U S?
Join me. Join us.


2 0   W O M E N   W H O   H A V E   E M B R A C E D   {T H E I R}   W A Y   O F   T R U L Y   L I V I N G.  
T H E I R   J O U R N E Y S.   T H E I R   S T O R I E S.   T H E I R   T R U T H.   D E E P   G R A T I T U D E.

B L O G   P O S T S   W I L L   B E   L I N K E D   A S   T H E Y   A R E   P O S T E D
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W A N T   T O   F E E L   W I L D,   F R E E,   A N D   A L I V E   W I T H   U S?
Join me. Join us. Your life is waiting for you.