13 Travel Hacks to Create & Keep the Glow

Travel, especially by airplane, used to wipe me out completely — digestion wonky, jet lag + sleep schedule off, skin breakouts + lack luster skin, and dragging in the energy department. All of this would leave me reaching for anything and everything with caffeine, sugar, or carbs to give me a quick boost to keep rocking. And when I’d return home, a full 3-4 days of recovery.

So, through a process of trial & error, texting all my wellness besties for their best tips/tricks, and a deep need to figure this out (seriously, who wants to look and feel crappy when traveling and meeting new people?), I’ve rounded up a quick list of a few of my tried and true tools. Clean food, sleep, + hydration are a given — but we’re going beyond that.

Completely mastered? No, but these 13 travel hacks are moving me closer to rocking the travel goddess glow while still keep it super simple and easy.

essential oils

I used to be super skeptical and snub essential oils (trendy. snake oil. good for a yummy smell but not much else), until I tried one that was legit quality and purity (hello, Wild Orange gateway oil). Now, I use them every single day and they’re the perfect li’l portable self-care bundle that packs a powerful punch.

Here are the foundation oils I always travel with:

  • CITRUS – I pop a little drop of wild orange or grapefruit essential oil in my water* (sparkling is my fave!) to support cleansing in my body (decreases puffiness), boost my energy, and curb cravings. Plus, easily increasing hydration as it’s delicious! I’ll also put a drop or two into the palm of my hands and then run them through my hair for a light, happy citrus perfume throughout the day.
  • PEPPERMINT –  Pepp is my go-to for fresh breath and mouthwash (without the weird toxic chem’ies), inhaling the aroma for a morning wake up (like a cup of coffee!) or 3pm pick me up’er, and a drop or two on the back of my neck to soothe muscle tension or cool the skin (think Icy Hot). Feels so good during/after traveling, neck cricks and carrying luggage.
  • DIGESTION BLEND – Blend of oils like ginger, caraway, coriander, tarragon, and fennel, this beauty is for those meals where you eat a bit too much or you eat food that you’re not exactly sure what’s in it, this is magic. Soothing my occasional stomach upsets (bloat, gas, indigestion, etc.) and nausea (hello, turbulence & intense Uber drivers).
  • LAVENDERSweet deep zzz’s, reducing anxious feelings, and legit ‘calm in a bottle’. Put a few drops on your pillow or in a bath with epsom salts, in palms of hands and breathe in, or a few drops on the bottom of your feet. Note: true pure lavender does not smell like your grandma’s bathroom, pinky promise.
  • METABOLIC BLEND – Blend of oils like lemon, cinnamon, ginger, grapefruit, & peppermint, this is the one blend I go to when I have too many sweets, a few cocktails, or my cravings are taking over due to crazy schedule, lack of sleep, or lack of healthy options.
  • VETIVER – This unicorn oil is my ultimate relaxer – calming, grounding, relaxing, sedating. Time zone changes and jet lag don’t stand a chance when I put a few drops on the bottom of my feet and hit the pillow.

*Only ingest certified pure therapeutic grade oils + only add oils to glass or stainless steel as the oils can break down chemicals in plastic.

If you want to know which brand I use, take a little bit better care of yourself, and/or experience the plant magic before committing, check out The Essential Oil Experience I created for you — 5 days. 5 minutes or less. $5. Get a gorgeous pamper package delivered to your door. Nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.


  1. MAGNESIUM – Magnesium is one of the first minerals in the body to be depleted when we’re stressed. Add-in not enough water, acidic foods (coffee, sugar, processed munchies), or dehydrating airplane air annnnd magnesium plummets — then, digestion can get sluggish, sore muscles & cramps creep in, anxious/stressed feelings, headaches, low energy, and meh sleep. So, I add magnesium powder to a glass of water before bed (best travel packs for ease), magnesium spray on bottom of feet or abdomen (fave), and/or a cup of epsom salts to bath (way harder for me when traveling — at home I get this bulk bag).
  2. DIGESTIVE ENZYMES –  Friends, I used to think these were bogus and just another supplement to waste money on. Until, I tried a high quality one (that includes key essential oils!) and my life changed. Okay, maybe not my life, but better digestion, more energy, & detoxification — because, it’s not just what we eat but how we digest, absorb, and metabolize the nutrients. So, for those heavy meals, questionable foods, or just the naughty foods that we don’t have to fully give up, this is my secret weapon.
  3. LIQUID CHLOROPHYLL –  Yes, we all know veggies are important – especially leafy green veggies. But, let’s be real… it’s sometimes hard to get those in when traveling (or even at home). This is a fave green secret of mine — liquid chlorophyll (here’s the one I use – no weird taste or fillers). Chlorophyll is the green pigment found in plants that absorbs the sunshine to create energy. When we add to a glass of water or smoothie, we’re passing that magic onto your sweet bod. Put 20-25 drops into a glass and hello energy, detoxification, and glowing skin.


  • MUSHROOM COFFEE – I know, sounds just wrong. But, I promise you, it’s so good. Four Sigmatic has combined the benefits of coffee (energy, curbed cravings, yumminess) with specific mushrooms that boast huge benefits for immunity, energy, focus, and reduced feelings of stress. All while offering less acidity, jitters, and energy spikes/drops. How? Mushrooms like chaga, reishi, and lion’s mane (yes, lion’s mane – so fun, right?) have adaptogenic properties which basically means it works with your body to bring it back to balance and thriving. These travel packs are a fave, but if you’re not into coffee they have hot cacao and matcha! Blend into water or nut milk and enjoy hot or iced. P.S. Use ‘KDO10’ at checkout for a 10% discount.
  • COLLAGEN TRAVEL PACKS – Collagen is a big buzz word right now, but for good reason and it’s going to be one that sticks around. Gorgeous skin, hair and nails, healing for the gut, improves joint health, supercharge for the brain, and my fave reason it’s always with me while traveling… blood sugar + craving stabilizer (oh, protein how we love you). Add this powder (in travel packets!) to coffee, smoothies, or any liquid (in the morning or afternoon is my fave!) and it’ll help curb the hunger, keep you stable and do double duty on glowing skin. Yep, combine with Mushroom Coffee to keep it super simple.
  • COLLAGEN BARS Similar to the collagen powder, but yummy as all get out, these BulletProof Collagen Protein Bars are always with me – traveling + at home. Tastes like a sweet treat without the sugar rush, plus the collagen protein (from grass-fed cows), fiber, and good fats (MCT oil) boost my energy, keep me full, revive my skin, and focused. Note: They can be a bit crumbly and stick in your teeth but still SO good!
  • TANKA BARS + BITES Stop reaching for the trail mix, fruit bars, or sugar filled granola, pleeeease! They just spike your blood sugar and leave you ready to crash or eat everything in sight. Instead, go for these… Hands down my favorite animal protein bars/bites on the market for taste, quality, and social responsibility. They are made by the Native American Oglala Lakotas tribe in South Dakota — focusing on their ancestor’s knowledge of endurance, performance, and sustainable growth.

Try a few, find what works for YOU, and leave the rest.

But know this // the key piece I’ve learned is that the more I intentionally design my life (including travel), the more I find the joy + freedom, rock my gifts, and keep a little of the glow even in the bone dry airplane air.

Freedom, confidence & contagious joy on tap.

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