5 Fave Personality Tests to Own Your Magic

Ok, hands up… how many of you filled out Teen Mag/Cosmo quizzes when you were younger? Orrrr, cough, a Buzzfeed or personality quiz last year? Double hands up over here!

They’re fun, maybe a desire to be possibly surprised, but I think it’s a deeper piece to understand ourselves and to be seen. For something or someone to be able to put words to the magic *and* confusion of who we are. And in the best cases, give permission and encouragement to simply become more of who we truly are, understand what makes us thrive (& what sabotages), and step into our potential.

The clarity.
The freedom.
The ownership.
The encouragement.
The trigger heads-ups.
The simplifying & personalizing… Instead of trying to be, do, have, feel, fix errrrything. 

Don’t get me wrong — there’s also the chance of “quizzes” confusing us, feeling put in a box or type-cast, or feeling like it’s telling us to become someone we’re not. 

But I’ve found it is… 1) the quality of the quiz, and 2) more importantly the lens you bring to the ‘results’ that can shortcut some sweet self-awareness and help us capitalize on your magic quicker and more intentionally while also knowing what triggers, weaknesses, or dark side to watch for as a sign to pause & realign. 

Self-Assessment Tests have given me…

  • Understanding of what makes people know, like, and trust me. Capitalizing on my strengths & uniqueness. (hello, marketing magic for biz babes!) 
  • Ways to understand, interact, and love people better. 
  • How I learn, process, & get into active creation focus + flow best/quickest
  • How I stay motivated
  • How I best receive love + romance 
  • What my warning signs are when I’m unhealthy, imbalanced, or not acting as my best self.
  • What leadership skills to own and what to delegate and hire in others
  • how I recharge
  • How I specifically can make better decisions
  • Permission to be multi-passionate entrepreneur and follow what lights me up  (vs. pigeon holed into a 10 second elevator pitch or a traditional career path) 
  • What makes me my most magnetic + charismatic self.

And if all else fails, they at least create epic dinner party conversation +  laughs. 😉 

Over the years I have taken so many quizzes and assessments but there are a handful that have greatly impacted my life in such a positive way that I tend to repeatedly share them in my programs, coaching, and with friends/family. And maybe a stranger or two on airplanes or in passing, lol. 

Top 5 Personality Tests

to uncover more of who you are and bring the good + magic into the world! 

1. Enneagram

While this one has been around since the 60s, I find it often goes in waves of popularity (use + discussion) and a wave peaked in the last few years. The assessment is based on 9 personality types defined by a core belief of how the world works. 

I find the Enneagram most helpful in understanding how you/people are motivated, manage emotions, interpret the world, and make decisions. And with each of these, helping us understand the healthy and not-so-healthy ways we react to stress. 

One thing I love is that under each type, there’s a description of how they operate unhealthy, average, and healthy levels. It paints clear pictures for indicators of where you’re truly at in your thriving. 

There are a lot of free Enneagram tests out there. I found the most helpful to be the O.G. test at the Enneagram Institute. For all the details + depth of types, wings, & levels of development, go here.

Me? I’m a 7 // The Enthusiast but also identify a bit with a 3 // The Achiever. (I don’t follow rules — rebel through and through, ha!)

2. How to Fascinate

Much less known but I freaking LOVE this one for entrepreneurs, business owners, personal branding, leaders or really anyone that interacts with people in a professional capacity. The Fascinate System is designed to show you what makes you uniquely fascinating to others and how to become more of who you already are. It’s about how others see you vs. how you see the world (like Enneagram). 

You learn about leveraging your personal communication style (including your least effective mode of communication), how to stand out in a crowded market, and knowing what makes you motivated/excited + what drains you.

This test gave me the words to communicate what makes me exceptionally good at what I do and why and freedom to stop doing a lot of things in business/marketing you ‘should’ do. It even gave me the foundational idea for how I format email communication + connection in my business. 

Take the Fascinate secret sauce test here or just check out the blog as a way to get started!

Me? The Connoisseur // Where Prestige meets Passion

3. The 5 Love Languages

Oh this oldie but SUCH a goodie! 

How often have you felt unseen, unloved, or disconnected in your relationships? But, when you talk with the person, they feel like they’re displaying their love for you all the time? Something isn’t making sense and lots of frustration and miscommunication ensue.

This book + free quiz helps to understand how you best receive + experience love and conversely how best to give love to others in your life in a way that they will see, feel, and know it. And, there’s quizzes for couples, kids, teens, and singles! 

Personal life example — My primary love language is Quality Time. My husband’s is Touch. So, previously, we may be watching a movie snuggling and he’s getting his cup filled, whereas for me — love him, but the love cup is nadda, zilch. For years at the beginning of our relationship, we’d have arguments that I didn’t feel like we were connecting and he’s like, “What do you mean?! We just spent 2 days together.” Days…. running errands, working on projects, etc. Once I had the language and understanding to communicate HOW I actually felt + received love and connection, it made it so much easier to make sure QT time (how I define it) was on the calendar. Plus, I make sure that I hug him, touch his arm or hair, or snuggle with him much more than I would normally think about. Relationship? SO much better. 

4. Human Design

Okay, this is kinda-slash-totally a cheat because it’s not a ‘quiz’ but is a system that brings together astrology, chakra systems, quantum physics and a few other things. You enter in your birth date information (time, location) and you can review your custom Body Graph — your own ‘map’ or ‘guidebook’ for how to live as your true unique self (decision making, energy, best ways to eat/digest, whether or not you create/manifest from specific details or more of a general vision, and more). 

Total honesty, it sounds SO freaking woo-woo and I laughed when I first heard about it but thought, why not? Then when I got my chart and learned a bit more — I was blown away about how accurate it was for me and how liberating it was for how I best operate and thrive. Permission to have multiple business interests at one time (in fact that’s how I thrive), to go at lightning speed in a project and skip steps (vs. methodical and linear), to be shiny and magical and expand the beliefs + energy of what others believe is possible… and a killer way to understand how I need to respond to choices and make guttural decisions (uh-huh OR uh-un). 

But then, when I started having my hubs and friends do it — it was mind-blowingly accurate for them too! A few even saying they never felt so understood or described so truthfully before. I’ve only had 1 friend out of dozens who didn’t resonate with the information they learned. 

To enter your info + get your Human Design chart, go with Jenna Zoe — she’s my favorite leader in this space as she teaches so simply and beautifully. Then follow her on Instagram as she teaches on the daily. 

Me? 5/2 Manifesting Generator, baby! 

MGs need uninterrupted creative flow, freedom to process fast + go fast and be multi-dimensional (often skipping steps and unable to communicate the speed with which you think + act), and time spent on hobbies for pure enjoyment. MGs in alignment can call things in at the speed of lightning. 🙂 #NotLinear

5. Strengths Finder

This is a classic business/leadership assessment backed by a ton of research and data that really focuses in on identifying your best strengths for your best performance and highest potential. How to be more productive, engaged, and/or how to identify tasks/projects that are ideal for you and others that should be delegated. 

The test + results feel sciencey and business’y but what I love about this one is the concrete + tangible language it gave for me to communicate to my team (and honestly to myself) about what I’m really good at and what I want + need help with. It gave me a ton of clarity of my strengths in my purpose and career AND even helped me identify what types of friendships/relationships I need to add more of in my life in order to fuel my creativity, innovation, and motivation. 

I also have each new KDO hire take the test so that I know where to start capitalizing on their strengths. Note: This definitely doesn’t mean anyone is stuck in a box or can’t improve in other areas, but it’s a way to understand, communicate and get started!

Me? Top 5 Strengths: Ideation, Strategy, Relator, Activator, Achiever

Two Bonus Quizzes if you’re loving the self-exploration & growth…

The Open Mind

The Open Mind by Dawna Markova — This book is fascinating! It’s about your natural intelligence patterns — understanding how we each individually best work + focus, why I communicate the way I do (including eye contact/body language), what increases/decreases my productivity, how to get in better creative flow and what I need to zen out fully. Within the book, there’s a quiz to figure out your own intelligence patterns and how to capitalize on them.  

Me? Visual, Kinesthetic, Audio


Do you thrive more as an early bird or night owl? Or a bear or dolphin?Learn the best time of the day for YOU for when to sleep, eat, drink coffee, or have sex. Take the free quiz here and read the book The Power of When by Dr. Michael Breus, psychologist and sleep expert. 

Me? I’m a Late Bear 🙂 

I’d love to know your fave if it’s not on my list. Shoot me an email and let me know! 

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