So much to do, but you just can’t seem to FOCUS?

focusWe are now officially in the month of September and the rhythm of the seasons is beginning to beat its drum and signal the change.

New projects at work, new coursework for students, and new visions/creative surges are to be implemented for entrepreneurs. But with all of this newness and need to get things done, we often struggle to focus and work purposefully… leaving ourselves with little time to get outside and enjoying the remaining warm days, nights with friends/family, or even simply our sanity of knowing that we can focus. We also increase our stress and that pesky fat producing hormone cortisol… Ugh.

Seasonal changes and newness aren’t the only times that this focus (and stress) issue surfaces, but I’ve found it to be a great time to check in and re-evaluate what’s working and not working (nutritionally & lifestyle wise).

Below are 3 Tips to Focus like Einstein, I dive into how to concentrate, passionately get your work done, and leave time for making a delicious dinner, being present (not worrying) with people you love, and maybe even making it to that yoga class that you know makes you feel SO.darn.good but you just need “more time”.

3 Tips to Focus like Einstein

1. Don’t do low-fat anything. Seriously, don’t do it. We NEED healthy fats. The low-fat diet crazy of the 80’s that still continues today leaves you craving more food, lacking the fats needed to absorb specific nutrients (Vitamins A, D, E, K in particular) and regulate your hormone levels, AND leaves your brain foggy and harder to concentrate.

We need fat and we need it at every meal BUT we must have the right kind of fats. These include foods like avocados, nuts/seeds, grass-fed beef, chicken, and eggs, coconut milk and oil, cold-water fish, olives, and even a pat of organic butter if you’re nice. All of these help us feel full, focus on mental abilities, and keep our skin glowing.

2. Uncover your food sensitivities. Growing up today, we can’t help but be exposed to processed and packaged foods, genetically modified foods, and a high sugar/refined flour diet. The problem is that our bodies definitely don’t operate optimally on this type of diet and it’s a slow process of destruction. It may be “food” and “calories” but it definitely isn’t fuel for the optimal life.

This diet often leads to a development of food sensitivities, digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, and lack of mental clarity leaving it almost impossible to concentrate and get tasks done in the amount of time that we want to. Depending on your diet and the different foods you are exposed to in development and later in life, you may become sensitive to a variety of food “triggers” out there due to exposure, damage of the gut, and genetically modified foods that the body doesn’t recognize.

Down side? These triggers make your skin break out, digestion plug up (or run too fast), AND leave us tired, foggy, and depleted. How can you identify YOUR food sensitivities? Do an elimination diet for at least 3 weeks OR join the 21-day Reset Cleanse as I’ll walk you through step-by-step how to cleanse your body, get rid of the toxins that are keeping the weight and fatigue around, and uncover your food sensitivities so you know exactly what to eat to stay focused, energized, and glowing like a goddess.

anthrotimer3. Set a timer. This one is simply a trick of the trade that I’ve uncovered after years of working on my own schedule and deadlines. We aren’t designed for focus on one task for hours upon hours (especially in the age of instant gratification and technology). Our body needs to move around, be stimulated in a variety of ways, and then re-focus. The problem is, we get into the “work-zone” and say “I’m not going to get up from this desk until X is done.” We torture ourselves, we check in on facebook, and before we know it the task has taken 3 times longer than it should have. Solve it. Get the work done.

Give yourself a time goal that tells you when you can move again and then stick to the plan. Set a timer. Work for 50 minutes, take a break for 10 minutes. On the break, do something to stimulate your muscles and your mind. This can include a walk, jumping jacks, yoga, a rebounder, etc. The point is to stimulate another part of your brain and then return to work. Not sure if this will work for you? Try it? What do you have to lose (besides hours of your life trying to “focus”)?

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