Year in Review

nye_resolutionsHappy New Year!

I have to ask, how are those resolutions or even boycott-resolutions treating you so far? We’re 6 days into 2012 and I’ve already heard some frustrated people talk about how they just can’t commit to anything and how they thought the New Year would open doors to everything!

Truth is, most people break their resolutions by January 10th – that’s ONLY 10 days!

Why OH why can’t we stick to anything? Is it willpower? Determination? Commitment?

Well, I’m going to let you in on a little secret if you’ll let me…

NONE of those are really the underlying reason most people can’t “stick with it”. Truth is, resolutions hardly ever work and/or last when we don’t really understand the real reason we want to make those changes in the first place.

SO…. I’m letting you in on a little New Year’s ritual of mine that has dramatically changed

  1. how I approach setting goals and getting things done,
  2. my self-care and appreciation,
  3. the amount of joy and purpose in my life,
  4. AND uncovered the reason behind the resolutions or goals I have!!!

PLUS, one trick for how to actually get change to happen in your life.

My Year In Review ritual always happens the week before or week after New Year’s Eve. I hardly ever get the chance to actually do it on NYE as we have friends, family, and parties – so please don’t use time or “missed the boat, I’ll do it next year” as your excuse. You can do this in March, August, October, etc. – the point is to just do it.

This is a sacred process for me as it allows me to reflect, love (myself and others), find purpose, regain balance, reclaim perspective, AND get to work on what I truly want my 2012 to be. It truly is a beautiful process if you allow it.

So, how to? Follow the simple steps to get started and then make it your own.

1st2011 In Review:

  • Grab a journal (or computer, notebook or loose paper) and a pen. Set aside 20-30 minutes (I promise it is SO worth it!). In the first portion of the page, begin to write about the following in regards to 2011. Take time to truly think and value the process.
    • highlights
    • lowlights
    • accomplishments
    • things you were proud of
    • meaningful events
    • sad events
    • revelations/insights
  • **Think of all areas of life – relationships, self-care/love, health, career, spirituality, travel, hobbies, passions, adventures, education, friends, family, finances, etc.

2ndWhat do you want 2012 to be like? (a.k.a. intentions)

  • Using all of the areas of life above, write a couple (2-3) things you hope will happen or be present in 2012 for each category.
  • Take time, reflect, ponder, and get in touch with your true desires – not the desires you think you are supposed to have – trust me that just sets you up for unhappiness and making terrible choices.

3rdCreate YOUR roadmap for the year ahead.

  • Now that you have figured out what it is you really want to accomplish this year, break it down into small steps and measurable goals that you can dedicate to each month of the year.
    • Example 1: If you want to be more “green”… take January to focus on recycling, then February to focus on purchasing organic, March to focus on reducing by cleaning out the clutter of old clothes, books, household tools and items (it is liberating and lets the creativity flow!), etc.
    • Example 2: If you’re wanting to revamp your diet so you can drop a few pounds so you can _____<insert your real reason>_____, then take January to cut back on sugar, February to add in movement/exercise, March to focus on green veggies and aim for doubling your current intake, etc. = grown-up dreams.achievements.fulfillment.

4th – What about next New Year’s Eve and the ritual?

  • Next New Years, follow the same process, but in between 2012 In Review and Intentions for 2013 – take a moment to review your intentions from the previous (2012) year. It is amazing how insightful this process is as well as how motivating and energizing when you see how much you truly accomplished and where your priorities and passions lie.

Be sure to check back next week as we return to more food tips and great recipes to keep you rockin’ in the new year!

Freedom, confidence & contagious joy on tap.

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