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I’m Katie and I’m here to invite you to the best party you’ve ever been to: your (ideal) life. I help insightful, driven women (hint: that’s you) to whip up a body AND a life that they love (cause seriously what good is a hot bod if you can’t enjoy your life?).

Think: Discovering that hidden key to eating well (and tasting good), regaining energy, and never feeling deprived…all while getting the tools to become the happiest, most confident, most alive gal you know. I call it contagious joy. And, it’s not just my job, it’s my privilege.

New to the party? Don’t worry, let me take your coat, relax, and just start here (or really wherever you feel like, we’re friends now).

L A T E S T   F R O M   T H E   B L O G

the secret + map to creating romance & adventure


We all long for romance and adventure in some form – our form. The problem is we reserve great romances and epic adventures for books, movies, and the “lucky” few in our minds instead of learning how to design it and unleash it for ourselves. You are made for romance, adventure, and joy. Don’t settle, wait, or wish. It matters. If you’ve ever felt romance & adventure take a back seat (or non-existent) role in your life, this guest interview is for you.

How + why to stop obsessing over food


Sometimes hearing another woman’s journey, stumbles, lessons, and thus wisdom gained is the exact missing puzzle piece to our own journey towards truly living and loving our lives. But, for myself and most ladies I know, we are in information and “how-to” overload constantly and we miss the connection, the beauty, the journey…even the simplicity. We want and NEED a story, journey, and real person to relate to. To connect the dots and our hearts. Here’s the story and inspiration for how + why to stop obsessing over food…

How to live more by design, vs. default


There’s a question that comes up in every program I teach, woman I work with, and even conversations with random strangers. Question asked: How did you get to where you are? (career, relationships, mindset, happiness, etc.) Real underlying question: How do I get what I desire too, instead of staying stuck, lost, and comparing? So here’s my simple secret sauce…the exact steps and questions I use to uncover and craft every desire, goal, and action plan in my personal life and business…

A S   S E E N   I N . . .