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Luminary Reset Spring/Summer


21-days to eat clean(er). look good. feel great.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about food and self-care. This 21-day program teaches the foundational basics on how to reset your body & take care of yourself (food, supplements, habits, support) so that you can embody a luminary lifestyle and show up as the best mom, CEO, actress, friend, coach, doctor, fill-in-the-blank you can be. No crash diets, juice cleanses, or quick fixes - ever.


feed your soul. find your freedom. love your life.

LIVE BY DESIGN is a 10-week online group coaching program that shows you step-by-step how to feed your soul, find your freedom, and ultimately live + love your life. Guiding ambitious women from stuck on the sand to living wild, free, and alive in the water. Through the research-backed and results-proven 8-pillar roadmap, you get the exact tools, mindset shifts, and strategies to get unstuck for good. All within a sisterhood of women joining you and stretching you into your best life. Join us. Become the woman you’ve always known you could be.

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Authentic, easeful, spot on, and crystal clear. Katie coached me on a new business launch for 5 minutes, and nearly knocked my socks off. She will make you think twice about how long you waited to take the next step in your business.


Life Changing. Two and a half years ago, I started on a journey to truly know my body with the Luminary Reset. Empowered with knowledge, delicious whole food recipes and genuine care, I succeeded. I lost 20 pounds (and have kept it off!), gained control of my eating habits and managed a long-term health issue naturally . Gone are the days of the munchies, venti coffees and bloating. I am so grateful for Katie and her help in coming fully alive.


Honestly I was nervous that this would be like every other time I’ve “committed” to making myself change and focus on getting healthy & happy – I’d find a few learnings to latch onto but really not make lasting change. With this sisterhood, I felt so connected and compelled to act. I now realize the importance of my own life and each moment. I haven’t ever felt this sense of urgency to wake up and love and live. I feel so hopeful, empowered, and seriously grateful.


Katie unlocked all the tips and tricks I could use, while also helping me organize exactly what needed to be done for my business. In my first soft launch, I filled every spot I had available (+4 extra people!) and generated $30,100 in revenue!- SONJA WIECK   |   TRIATHLETE & RISING TIDE TRIATHLON COACHING OWNER   |   CALIFORNIA


I am living in the moment and have dropped the shoulds of my life. My relationship with myself, food, and my body has brutally changed in a loving way. I have learned to LOVE myself and appreciate the true version of me. There were so many aha moments I could write a book: a book of gratitude. It was a very deep and intense experience; filled with many rewards and most importantly, FREEDOM. - TANIA COSTA LIMA   |   LONDON, UK


It's not about just eating differently or just saying positive words, it's about imagining your best self and creating the tools, support, mindset, and road map to get there. I have lost about 15 pounds, but the attitude shift is truly what has made me "lighter."- KERRY WHITE   |   SENIOR FISCAL ANALYST   |   LAKEWOOD, CO


One year later, my experience of life is something I couldn’t have imagined before Skinny Dip Society. The depth of feeling & appreciation I have for life, the enjoyment of food & my body, the ability to listen to my intuition, not to mention all the incredible resources Katie shares – these are gifts I wouldn’t trade for anything!- CATHY NGUYEN   |   STUDENT   |   ATLANTA< GA

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Authentic Launch


launch your program with purpose. clarity. profit.

This step-by-step online training program takes all of the guesswork out of launching your business (farewell, throwing things against a wall and hoping they stick!) You’ll get an exact roadmap to authentically establish your brand (clarity + confidence), craft your ideal launch strategy (one size does not fit all), master that fickle marketing beast (emails, social media, sales pages, pricing structures, oh my), grow that tribe (boost your impact and sales), and nail that post-launch (measure success, pivot, improve). Because it’s time to get your purpose and programs out to those dream customers so you can increase your profits, make the most of your time (and resources), and rake in that freedom.


master the art of fully living, leading, & loving life

Jessica Alba, Shonda Rhimes, Marie Forleo… a few luminaries {those who inspire & influence} who have stepped into their purpose, owned their genius, and intentionally created beautiful, meaningful lives at work and home. There’s hustle + heart, polish + mess, elegance + grit, softness + strength, soul + strategy. But, how? How does a luminary actually do it? Luminary Mastery is the online program & mastermind of soul, strategy, and sisterhood for the entrepreneur, coach, or ambitious lady building purpose-driven businesses + lives. Diving deeper into Living & Leading By Design, this is your invitation to step into and own your womanhood in your life & your business — learning and mastering the necessary mindset shifts, systems, strategies, and conditions to take your lifestyle, freedom, and business to the next level.

Luminary Mastery