The ONE thing I want you to do today (my birthday).

ballooncakeI have a secret (well, not so secret anymore because I put it in the subject line)… today’s my 28th Birthday! Yay, me! :) I love birthdays, celebrating people, and letting every ounce of joy come out. And I want YOU in on this party.So, I have one simple, no-cost, quick wish that you could help come true. Pleeease?

The power of a compliment.

In my Skinny Dip Society (previously called Love Yourself Sexy), the ladies were challenged to start sharing their newly developed contagious joy by giving compliments to 3 people each day (strangers, bff’s…didn’t matter).

Seems nice. Fun concept. Can’t be that hard… (insert them asking themselves, “why is Katie having us do this?”)

But what they discovered (and what ended up as one of their most favorite parts of the 90-days) was that their simple act of a compliment was more powerful than they could ever imagine. 

Family, friends, and strangers responded with gratitude, hope revived, tears of joy in their eyes, feeling appreciated, beauty acknowledged, adoration restored, respect revitalized, and more. All from 1 person taking 15 seconds to give a genuine compliment.

I’ve had compliments on my laugh, the joy I radiate, my clothes, my thoughts, the food I’ve cooked, my business approach, and more. Every time, no matter what, it always put a little more pep in my step, helped me remember my awesomeness, and in turn I passed that awesomeness on to someone else.

Pay your joy forward. The more you share, the more yours grows.

So on my birthday – my own personal goal is to give 28 compliments today. Would you be willing to add just 1 of your own compliments to that list? If so, we’d have over 1800 people receiving compliments in just one day. That’s enough to create a huge ripple effect of people who are more alive, more appreciated, and oozing more contagious joy.

This is the cheapest and best gift you could ever give me.

“How?” you say? Image

  • Be short, sweet, and specific.
  • Let it be unexpected and unsolicited.
  • Highlight an aspect of someone that doesn’t normally get praised or noticed.
  • Make eye contact and stand tall.
  • Don’t wait for the “right” moment.
  • Look for the best in people you are around and verbally acknowledge it.
  • Think about the best complement you’ve received. How did it make you feel? How can you give a compliment like that to someone you love, know, or someone you pass by in the grocery store?

From my awesome heart to your awesome heart.

Go celebrate YOU and someone you encounter (sparklers and cake always help).

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