As the 2015 Skinny Dip Society Immersion program has come to a close, the KDO team is already in preparations and planning for the next round in 2016 and to say we’re excited is a HUGE understatement.

Printed SoulWork/Recipe books, Society Sister map finder, 1:1 SDS mentors and more are just a few of the things we’re working on. Eeep!

I’m inspired everyday by the amazing sisterhood we’ve created and I simply could not reach all of these women without my incredible ambassador tribe, i.e. you.

As we review, improve, and prepare for SDS Immersion 2016,  I’m welcoming a fresh crew of beautiful Ambassadors to be gladiators for freedom with me and our current Ambassadors.

As you know, Immersion is more than just a program.

It’s a movement of women finding freedom, contagious joy, and coming ALIVE…
and sharing the ripple effect everywhere.

Immersion is the culmination of almost a decade of my life’s journey and work and it’s more comprehensive than anything I’ve created thus far.

Every woman is affected by the mindset, habits, and limiting beliefs that keeps us stuck and blah. We want them FREE so that we have more and more sisters around us to support and stretch each other. We want to live in that world. :)

I want to make this reality and this community available to as many woman as I possibly can. No matter where they live or even if they’ve never heard of me or this society before.


Spread the word.   Share the freedom.   Celebrate with soul food.  


As an Ambassador, you’ll receive…

>>>  $100 commission for every women you send our way who enrolls in Immersion from your ambassador link
>>>  Wild Free Alive gold temporary tattoos
>>>  First-to-know notification of new programs and free challenges I’m releasing
>>>  Mini-goodie box w/first referral
>>>  Fall 2015 Live Ambassador Call to celebrate, ask questions, get your mid-year tune-up with Katie + the first-to-know info about SDS 2016
>>>  Deep satisfaction of knowing the sisterhood and myself are supporting and stretching your referral into the truth of who she is and her wild.free.alive. self.

What to do with the money you’ll receive?

Two words: Soul Food. Feed your soul with travel, books, taking a friend or yourself to dinner, donating to charity, buying yourself flowers, or saving for a bigger soul food feast.

To support your sharing, you’ll get:

>>> Beautiful graphics to share
>>> Ready-to-go emails and social media posts
>>> Gladiator support from me + my team

Never done an ambassador program before?  Don’t fret!

Most of our Ambassadors last year hadn’t either. They were simply so inspired by their own experience, that it felt aligned and easy to share it with the world…. via email, social media, word of mouth. Most simply invited their friends, family, and acquaintances by sharing their experience.

If this feels like a wonderful fit for some of the women in your life, referring them to Immersion is a simple and easy way to bring them into the water with you.

Join us as a Wild.Free.Alive. Ambassador!

As soon as you enter your contact information below, you’ll get an email (with a huge hug!) from me with next steps.

Just fill out the form below. If you have any questions, don’t be a stranger >>> hello@katiedenouden.com.