DAY  2

I am geeking out over all of the vibrant green goodness & creativity from yesterday’s ‘add something green’ challenge!  

Now for today’s simple detox-loving, hormone-balancing, digestion-soothing (with a splash of fun) challenge…



Be honest with me… do you find yourself saying ANY of these?

+  Um, I’m sorry, what was I just saying? (brain fog)
+  I feel so stuck and boring. Why would anyone even want to be my friend? Netflix binge. (depressed mood)
+  4pm. I just need 1 (ok, 5) pieces of candy. Something to keep me going. (fatigue)
+  Oh my goodness, maybe I need botox? No, a facial? What was that one Allure mag award magic potion? cue: searching best natural wrinkle serum. (wrinkles/lack luster skin)
+  Where are my spanx? Fine, just give me the maxi dress. (bloating/puffiness)
+  I don’t understand why I keep getting headaches. Maybe I need a head scan? a Rx? (tension)
+  I’m eating a ton of fiber…wtf? My hubbs eats ONE prune and he’s good for a month. (Sluggish digestion…shhh: it’s not all about the fiber)
+  I think I’m hungry? Cue: demolished bag of chips. Hmmm…maybe not. (fake cravings)

Mind reader? Maybe. Soul sister that gets you? Totally.
 Those are ALL things I personally have said/thought when I was dehydrated and/or a li’l too much toxic load happening.

Truth: The right foods (like greenies!), supplements, self-care, and a proven plan can make us feel like a whole new woman, but why not start with simple & easy? 

Simple & free? Yes.
Makes up over ⅔ of your body? YES.
Bland + boring? For most people, yep!
Which leads us to choosing food, lattes, juice, tea, anything before we’ll commit to and remember the agua.

​​​​​​​The Reset trick? Citrus {a li’l squeeze or a drop of oil}.

​​​​​​​Study after study shows that water + citrus does all this: stimulates the liver and flushes out toxins, boosts the immune system, increases cell regeneration + collagen production (oh hey, glowing skin), boosts mood & energy, reduces inflammation, and can relieve indigestion.

Give me at least ONE day of citrus hydration (even better if you’ll give me 3!) and you’re gonna be sending filter-free selfies.

Today’s Challenge // Citrus {& hydrate} it up.

1. Complete this equation: Body weight ÷ 2 = _____ oz. (Ex: 150 lb = 75 oz)
2. Grab a glass or stainless steel water bottle/cup.
3. Grab a citrus fruit & slice it — orange, lemon, lime, tangerine, grapefruit.
4. Squeeze citrus into your water or place the slices in the water and let it infuse. Then drink your oz. of water (from #1) TODAY. No exceptions. This is a challenge – get it sister! 

Life can be full, time crunched, or I’m forgetful. Here are a few of my water/citrus hacks:

+ Set a timer for every hour on your phone and title it “H2O – Hydrate my Inner Goddess”.
+ 1 drop Citrus Essential Oil in water (must be pure therapeutic grade and safe for internal use). 
Water Fruit Infuser Pitcher
Infusion Water Bottle

// Remember //

Post your completed challenge to Facebook or Instagram with @katiedenouden + #kdoReset in the description to be entered to win the daily giveaways, connect with other resetters {inspiration!}, and keep yourself accountable!

// psst…Mark Your Calendar! //

Sunday, October 1st @ 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific
How ladyboss luminaries set their week up SO THAT what they desire {food choices, sleep, dinner dates, laughter} DOES happen…and is inevitable, even easy.

​​​​​​​with joy & greens,

P.S. Want to move from good to great + have loads of fun with this mini Reset? Invite friends & fam to join in with you! Just send them to:

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