DAY  5

We’re on the final day of the mini Reset to looking good & feeling great and today’s challenge is a juicy {+ unexpected} one!

Today we’re jamming on one of the BIGGEST mistakes women make when trying to “Reset.” We forget how to…



I can give you every food lesson, tip, & trick to reset your body but if we don’t shift HOW we eat and thus how we experience our lives, welp, it’s like trying to win at ping pong with your hands tied behind your back. #sonotwinning

Let me give you an example of design…

I’m *guessing* the Queen of England has a gorgeous heirloom banquet table, real silverware, cloth napkins, the perfect toppers (i.e. condiments), music to fit the mood, a gorgeous view of green rolling hills, dressed to her desired feeling, a bite fully savored here and there, and the most pleasant company… all while sitting down at an actual table (with birds chirping in the background, of course).

But, our typical experience with food looks like this…

Grab a muffin/bar/smoothie in hand while you’re trying to rush out the door, after not having enough time to get ready, then eating while driving, on the bus, in front of the computer/TV/phone, or in between errands…all while wrapping up the day with, “I’m too tired to figure out dinner…frozen pizza? Popcorn? Take out? Mac ‘n cheese (again)? Ugh. I’ll be healthy tomorrow.” Rinse & repeat.

M’dear, that is not living. That’s depriving, just in a different form. 

When we don’t eat by design (i.e. rushed, stressed, distracted):

+  choose quick crap
+  overeat
+  never feel satisfied or fulfilled (thinking about the next meal less than 30 minutes after your last)
+  digestive tract shuts down & nutrients aren’t fully absorbed
+  detoxification disrupted (hint: this is a big freaking deal for looking good, feeling great)
+  gas, bloating, weight gain, & hormonal imbalances
+  perpetually feel rushed, stressed & distracted in all areas of life

So, how DO we eat by design in a world that is busy, stressful, and without a Queen’s butler + personal chef? ;) 

Today’s Challenge // eat by design (at 1 meal)

Start with 1 meal today + 1 way to add beauty, intention, & design. Keep it simple, fun, & easy.

I D E A S​​​​​​

+  purchase flowers & put on the table ($5 bin – HUGE fav!)
+  table setting
+  ​​​​​​​silverware
+ ​​​​​​​ cute mug/cup
+  ​​​​​​​perfect party toppers (condiments)
+  ​​​​​​​music
+  candles
+  ​​​​​​​a view of the outdoors (or eat outside if it’s warm!)
+  ​​​​​​​no distractions/sitting at a table
+  ​​​​​​​perfect company (that could very well be no one as sometimes silence is golden for the soul ;)

// In Her Words //

“As I near the end of this experience I feel, more than anything, reminded that what we eat really, really matters. I have been careless about this before and am grateful for the reminder. I feel really good. I sleep better…and my eczema has entirely cleared up. Several people have commented that my facial skin looks good.” – LINDSEY M.

Unlike every single ‘diet’ I’ve done in the past, the Reset never once left me hangry (hungry + angry), and yet when it was over I stepped on the scale and weighed less than I did when I graduated from high school. Adios, law school weight! Since it ended, I’ve kept the weight off, continued to use a bunch of the fabulous recipes, and generally felt more sparkly and comfortable in my own skin than I have since I was a kid.”  – DARCY H. 

// Remember //

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// psst…Mark Your Calendar! //

Sunday, October 1st @ 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific
How ladyboss luminaries set their week up SO THAT what they desire
{food choices, sleep, dinner dates, laughter} DOES happen…and is inevitable, even easy.

with joy,

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