the secret + map to creating romance & adventure

Lately I’ve been consuming books (biographies and fiction) of women in the 1920s and it’s fascinating…like can’, up til 4am reading, must get another book on Amazon asap.  

From Coco Chanel to Zelda Fitzgerald, these ladies shaped so much of the future for women and were icons – for better or worse – for women’s freedom and designing our lives.

They had epic adventures, great (and not so great) romances, and the gumption to design (not default) their lives, although in different variations and definitions.

I find myself wanting to jump into the pages and stories of these ladies.


We all long for romance and adventure in some form – our form.

The problem is we reserve great romances and epic adventures for books, movies, and the “lucky” few in our minds instead of learning how to design it and unleash it for ourselves.

You are made for romance, adventure, and joy.
Don’t settle, wait, or wish. It matters.

If you’ve ever felt romance & adventure take a back seat (or non-existent) role in your life, this guest interview is for you.

Morgan Day Cecil has truly uncovered the what, why and how of unleashing true romance and adventure for herself but also for other women and we’ve got her dishing her secrets to the KDO tribe today in a video interview.

In this interview, you’ll learn and experience…

+ An entirely new way to define and experience romance + adventure.

+ A real journey of depression, anxiety, single motherhood, and low lows to joy, peace, centeredness, and a life filled romance and adventure.

+ The #1 secret to creating the foundation for juicy and delicious relationships filled with joy instead of disappointment.

+ Permission to have ultimate self-care and not feel guilty, ever.

+ What dictates the way and extent we connect to others.

+ A laid out map of 5 steps to creating your romance + adventure now.   l

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